My name is Belinda Rodriguez and I'm a freelance designer, illustrator, and paper artist, born and raised in Los Angeles California.


I'm an only child so I had plenty of time to myself. You would usually find me in my room watching Disney movies, playing SNES, Sega, or drawing. I would illustrate my favorite cartoon characters over and over again from Disney films and Saturday morning cartoons. When I turned 5 years old I decided to be an artist and it was settled. I was only focused on Art growing up, doodling instead of taking notes, ditching english and history to go back to art class. I'm not ashamed to admit this now because it paid off! Now here I am!

...You'll still find me in my room watching Disney movies, now playing Xbox, 3DS, or drawing.

I find great inspiration in things that I grew up with, and I enjoy living vicariously through my artwork. I have a bit of an obsession with the 90's era, I collect Jordans, and I really love food. If it inspires me I'll make it.

Outside of artsy things, I also Box and practice Muay Thai, I attend Disneyland once a week, and I have the coolest chihuahua named, Chuy.